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Education plays a pivotal role in overall development of an individual and strengthens the economy in the long run.

India has 88.5 million students in secondary education. But as per the report of "Intergenerational and Regional Differentials in Higher Education in India", only 10% could enroll themselves beyond higher secondary education out of 88.5 million children. This is due to the fact that India has an acute shortage of skilled people and hence there is a decline in employability opportunities.

But do you know the reason behind low enrollment rates in higher education.

As per 2011 census, the current population of India is 1.28 billion. Out of which 72.2% of the Indian population lives in villages and rural areas and rest live in the towns and urban areas. The connectivity in the remote rural areas of India is very poor. The students wish to continue till higher secondary education in government aided schools but have to drop the same due to many reasons. They lack basic information and guidance regarding the courses and institutes after 10+2. Parents couldn’t send their wards to urban areas due to poverty. They are unaware about the facilities provided by government to pursue higher education like study loans and scholarship options.

What could be the solution to this problem?

The solution is FormsAdda. FormsAdda is developed with the vision to increase higher education opportunities to the students of India. FormsAdda acts as a bridge between a student’s dream and their educational endeavor.

It is an organization established with an aim to provide “Total Education Solution” to the education aspirants towards achieving their educational and professional goals. It consists of a wide network of individuals across India. Each of these individual is known as “FormsAdda Sales Entrepreneur” (MSE). FormsAdda provides a wide range of consulting services through its team of well-trained and experienced MSEs located in each district headquarters of India. Our strength lies in the qualitative assistance of MSEs - highly trained and efficient individuals who work with us to provide the best solutions to aspirant needs.