CAT Exam 2022



Indian and Global Environment, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, and Intelligence & Critical Reasoning are the five categories that make up the MAT Syllabus 2022.

200 questions in the MAT 2022 Question Paper must be answered in 2 hours, 30 minutes.

The MAT Syllabus is the same for the PBT, CBT, and IBT testing formats.

Before beginning their exam preparation, candidates are suggested to read the MAT 2021 Syllabus in its entirety. For the best and most efficient preparation for the MAT September session exam, test-takers from prior sessions advise covering the MAT syllabus section by section.

MAT Syllabus High points:

Particulars Details
Exam Duration 150 minutes
Total No. of Questions 200
Number of Sections 5
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Number of Answer Choices 4
Sections in MAT 2022 exam
  1. Mathematical Skills
  2. Data Analysis & Sufficiency
  3. Language Comprehension
  4. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
  5. Indian and Global Environment
MAT 2022 Marking Scheme +1 for every correct answer

-0.25 for every incorrect answer

Negative Marking Yes
TITA Questions No


Mathematical Skills Syllabus 2022

The MAT Syllabus 2022 for Mathematical Skills is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects from many areas of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.

In the MAT Mathematical Skills segment, there will be 40 MCQs.

In the MAT Syllabus 2022, mathematical skills are sectionally weighted at 20%.

A weight of 25% is given to the MAT Mathematical Skills portion in the computation of the final percentile.


MAT Syllabus for Mathematical Skills
LCM and HCF Percentage Profit and Loss
Speed, Time and Work Number System Unitary Method
Simple Interest and Compound Interest Mixtures and Allegations Permutation and Combinations
Sequence and Series Height and Distance Commercial Maths
Elementary Mathematics Percentage Averages
Triangles Circles Arithmetic Geometry
Venn Diagrams Quadratic Equations Probability
Coordinate Geometry Trigonometry Linear Programming
Surds and Indices Inequalities Set Theory
Linear Equation Complex Numbers Binomial Theorem


Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency MAT Syllabus 2022

Data analysis and sufficiency questions in the MAT are based on texts, tables, graphs, charts, and Venn diagrams. Candidates’ ability to analyze information and respond to questions using it will be tested in this section.

Data Analysis & Sufficiency segment of the MAT exam will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions.

Data Analysis & Sufficiency has a 20% Sectional Weight in the MAT Syllabus 2022.

25% of the final percentile computation is given to the MAT Data Analysis & Sufficiency component.

50% of the questions in this section pertain to data interpretation, with the remaining 50% coming from data comparison and sufficiency.

MAT Syllabus for Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Data Tables Data Charts Bar Diagrams and Charts
Pie Charts Graphs Data Comparison
Data Comparison Venn Diagram Data Sufficiency
Case let Based Data


MAT 2022 Language Comprehension Syllabus

Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability with Grammar make up the two primary sections of this MAT exam section. The whole syllabus for both parts is as follows:

Number of Questions 20
Sectional weightage in MAT Syllabus 50%
Type of passages 4 short passages of moderate difficulty level
Type of Questions MCQs based
Format of Questions Questions based on the information given in the passages, Antonyms /Synonyms of words, True/False statements in context to the passage


The texts force the applicant to put themselves in the author’s position because they contain opinions. Certain paragraphs include:

Business and Economics Passages – These could cover subjects like the impact of demonetization in India, changes in the global economy, the cost of economic growth to the environment, government spending, etc.

Aristotle, Martin Luther King, Charles Dickens, Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi, and other notable writers, philosophers, and thinkers may be cited in these passages from English literature works, among others.

Passages on Science & Culture – These may cover subjects like the Modern World, Fading Culture with the Advancement of Technology, etc.

Novels and passages about speculative subjects

Historical events are covered in these passages, which may touch on the French Revolution, social changes in Indian history, the War of the Roses, etc.

Mythological passages—These passages will link mythological events to the current social order.


Number of Questions 20
Sectional weightage in MAT Syllabus 50%
Type of Questions MCQs


Topic Expected Number of Questions (Based on Analysis of Past Papers)
Para Jumbles 3-4
Error Correction of Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, and other parts of speech in sentences. 3-4
Fill in the blanks 2-3
One word substitution 2-3
Antonyms and Synonyms 3-4
Correcting the sequence of the sentences in paragraph e.g. correct use of the conditional sentence, time clauses, reported speech, active & passive writing 3-4
Idioms/Phrases 2-3


MAT Syllabus 2022 for Critical Reasoning and Intelligence

The trickiest questions are found in this area. Below is a list of the topics covered in the MAT Intelligence and Critical Reasoning syllabus.

For the segment on Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, 40 MCQs from the MAT syllabus will be used.

In the MAT Syllabus 2021, intelligence and critical reasoning have a 20% sectional weighting.

Analogy, seating arrangement, series, blood ties, and other topics from the MAT Syllabus for Intelligence & Critical Reasoning are among those that are included in the test.

MAT Syllabus for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
Fact-inference-judgment Passage Conclusion Clocks
Calendars Statement-Argument Analogy
Blood Relations / Family Tree Logical Sequence Assumption
Premise Conclusion Seating Arrangement
Linear and Matrix Arrangement Team Formation Input-Output
Series Syllogism Cubes
Rows Set theory, Venn Diagrams, and Network Diagrams Puzzles
Logical Reasoning based on Rankings Critical Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning
Direction sense Decision Making

MAT Syllabus for the Indian and International Environment 2022

The GK curriculum, current events, business, and economy, who’s who, taxation and duties, film awards, sports, the Indian Constitution, and other topics are discussed in this part.


No. of Questions 40
Sectional weightage in MAT syllabus 2021 20%
Type of Questions MCQs based


Important Topics

Conventional GK- available in books

Current GK-based on newspapers and periodicals

Business & Economics GK- e.g., changes in Fiscal and Monetary policies, Repo Rate, CRR

Business, National, and international events

Who’s who

Constitution of India

Currency and Capitals of different countries

International Organizations


Identification of personalities, companies, brands, etc.

Politics and Social Issues

MAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Subjects Marks Allotted Number of Questions Time Suggested (In Minutes)
Language Comprehension 40 40 30
Mathematical Skills 40 40 40
Data Analysis & Sufficiency 40 40 35
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning 40 40 30
Indian and Global Environment 40 40 15
Total 200 200 150


MAT 2022 Syllabus: Study Advice

Learn the MAT exam format, take practice tests, and use sample papers as one of the greatest suggestions for covering the entire MAT syllabus. Even if applicants are diligently studying but are unaware of the curriculum, their preparation will not be organized. The MAT 2022 Syllabus is extensive, but if the candidates are willing to put in the work, they can easily crack it. The following are factors that applicants should have in mind while they get ready for the MAT exam:

To make the preparation process easier, divide the syllabus into sections that make the most sense to you.

The MAT syllabus was created with other competitive tests at the same level in mind. Candidates who plan to take numerous tests should prepare for topics that may overlap.

Experts have found that AIMA rarely repeats problems in the MAT, therefore studying different sample sets can be beneficial.

AIMA has published a collection of 28 sample questions with the appropriate answers on its official website. It serves as a helpful reference for the kinds of queries to be anticipated.

By completing MAT mock examinations and practice papers, work on increasing your speed and accuracy.

Prioritize the simple questions, then go on to the more challenging ones. Make careful to clarify any questions you have at least three months before the exam.

Professional candidates who are also employed can use online tutoring to save time. Candidates may choose to receive coaching full-time if they have the time.

Complete a number of practice exams under exam-like circumstances.

Before the exam, make sure you have thoroughly studied all the pertinent material.



  1. How many subjects are included in MAT 2022 syllabus?

Ans. MAT 2022 Syllabus consists of 5 sections or subjects namely Mathematical Skills, Language Comprehension, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning, and Indian & Global Environment.

  1. What is the section-wise weightage of MAT Syllabus 2022?

Ans. In MAT 2022 Syllabus each section or subject has equal weightage. From each section 40 questions are asked in MAT exam and for every correct answer, 1 mark is awarded

  1. I am preparing for MAT and also for CAT examination. Is there any difference in MAT syllabus in comparison to CAT?

Ans. In MAT Syllabus, Indian & Global Environment subject is there which is not required to prepare for CAT exam. The remaining subjects from MAT syllabus like Mathematical Skills, Language Comprehension, Data Analysis & Sufficiency can you in preparing for both exams at the same time.

  1. MAT is being held in 3 modes i.e., IBT, PBT, and CBT. Is there any difference in MAT syllabus of these 3 modes?

Ans. MAT Syllabus for IBT, PBT, and CBT modes is the same. Candidates planning to appear for one of the three modes need to study the same syllabus. Also, the criteria of the admission process are the same for every candidate irrespective of the mode of examination.

  1. Are there any online platforms or resources to prepare MAT 2022 Syllabus?

Ans. You can refer to T.I.M.E, cracked, career launcher, and Gradeup. Also, there are other websites that provide good study material and practice sets for MAT exam.

  1. Is vocabulary included in MAT Language Comprehension syllabus?

Ans. Yes, vocabulary is the part of MAT Language comprehension syllabus. To solve questions on reading comprehension you need to improve your vocabulary skills to get a better understanding of words used and their meaning to mark the correct answer.

  1. How can I improve my performance in MAT in a limited time?

Ans. The best way to analyse your performance is to do 1 or 2 mock tests each day for a week. Before this, just brush up on all the topics and then see your weak areas and strong areas. After identifying these areas do the preparation.

  1. What is the difficulty level of MAT exam?

Ans. MAT exam is of moderate difficulty level and is considered easier than most other MBA entrance exams like CAT and XAT. Candidates who are preparing for these exams need not put in any extra efforts to clear MAT 2022 exam, except for the Indian & Global Environment section

  1. Is the MAT exam easier than CAT?

Ans. Yes, the MAT is very easier than the CAT exam. The CAT exam is usually more difficult and has a section-time limit, which makes cracking even harder.

  1. Is MAT has negative marking?

Ans. MAT Marking Scheme:
The MAT exam will contain total 200 maximum marks. Candidates will get one mark for each correct answer. There will be negative marking in this examination. For each incorrect answer, ¼ of the total marks or 0.25 marks will be deducted from the total score.


  1. Is MAT necessary for MBA?

Ans. No it’s not compulsory as there are many entrance exams like mat from which you can get admission in top b-schools


  1. What is the passing score for MAT?

Ans. Composite Score of 400 and above is considered a good MAT score. Most of the MBA colleges accepting MAT select students having MAT score in the range of 80 percentile to 99 percentile.


  1. What is pass mark in MAT?

Ans. The participating universities’ MAT 2022 cutoff percentages range from 95 to 65 percentile. MAT Cutoff for prominent B-schools like IPE Hyderabad, XIME Bangalore, and PUMBA Pune approaches 95+ percentile with a scaled score of 600-700, according to trends from prior years


  1. Who is eligible for MAT exam?

Ans. According to AIMA, Graduates in any discipline can apply for MAT 2022 exam. Those who are in their final year of graduation can also apply. It implies that a candidate is eligible to appear in MAT 2022 exam, if he/she holds recognized bachelor’s degree with minimum 3 years duration or equivalent in any discipline.


  1. How many times can I apply for MAT?

Ans. MAT exam is conducted 4 times in a year in the month of February, May, September, and December. You can give all the attempts.


  1. How can I prepare for MAT exam?

Ans. Pick out your strong and weak areas in all the sections. Gather the best books for MAT preparation and other MAT exam study material for MAT preparation. Improve on your weak areas and monitor the improvement regularly. Take as many MAT Mocks as possible during your MAT exam preparation and do the analysis of each Mock


  1. Is CAT difficult than NEET?

Ans. neet tests basically your knowledge and cat are the test for aptitude. so, if we see cat considered tougher than neet. Only 1500 candidates out of 2 lakh people get into the IIMs every year. That makes it one of the toughest entrance exams in India, so cat is considered tougher.