AU - Amity University, Gurugram (Manesar)

Gurugram, Haryana | Estd.: 2010

Type: Private | Approved By: UGC‎,IET,‎ASIC‎,‎ACBSP




The library comprises 50,000 books, 20,000 periodicals, and 2,500 publications. The students also have access to Ebsco Host, UGC-Infonet, INDEST-AICTE, ISI, and Delnet along with being members of Amazone-Amity Intranet Zone which permits them to easily access these periodicals and papers. The libraries also consist of Reference Sections, Circulation Sections, Audio-Visual Sections, Periodical Sections, and Digital Libraries.



The University provides well-furnished accommodation facilities to students. The University provides a well-furnished accommodation facility to students. With the capacity to accommodate 720 students within the campus, a home away from home, for the students.

  • Hostel facility – Yes
  • Residential Campus – Yes
  • Separate hostel – Yes
  • AC rooms available


The various cafeterias in Amity University have nutritious and wholesome foods designed by a team of professional dieticians to ensure a well-balanced diet. The menu comprises food with balanced nutrition designed by a team of professional dieticians. A spacious place for students to spend some quality time after a hectic day with friends.

To Suit Every TasteWhat you eat is what you are! A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. We, at Amity, understand.

Hence, all cafeterias have menus that are designed by a team of professional dieticians, comprising nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet. There is a multi-cuisine food court with facilities like Dosa Plaza, a cookhouse, a canteen, etc. The outlet of Café Coffee Day is also operational on the campus.



The campus provides both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Amity University, Manesar Campus, has provided 20 Acres of land dedicated for sports and extracurricular. The campus provides both indoor and outdoor sports facilities like a Badminton court, Basketball court, Cricket ground, Football ground, Tennis court, Squash court, Volleyball court, Swimming pool, and Table Tennis.

Our 20-acre sports complex provides excellent sports facilities that provide ample opportunity for students to work out regularly, manage their lifestyles, and engage in social interaction.You can play indoor games such as chess, carom, table tennis, snooker, and football, as well as sports like football, basketball, lawn tennis, and volleyball there.As well as improving concentration levels and helping students build a strong sense of teamwork, sports encourage all-around character development in students.

The gymnasium on campus provides both boys and girls with a great opportunity to exercise regularly and increase their fitness level.



Amity University has provided more than 200 labs under various institutions dedicated to research and development. For example- Engineering labs, Info-Tech labs, Biotechnology Labs, Bio-Innova Lab equipment, Central Instrument research facility, etc. The campus has various lab facilities which include a Computer lab, Computer science lab, Biotechnology lab, Nanotechnology lab, Mass media lab, Psychology lab, Nursing lab, Optometry lab, Fine arts lab, Photo lab, etc.

MSF Lab: Hardness Testing, Bernoulli Experiment, Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Ventury Metre

  • Physics Lab: Instruments such as spectrometers, sonometers, polarimeters, bar pendulums, and variations in the magnetic field.
  • Workshop Laboratories: Welding, Arc Welding, Fitting Shops, Foundries, Friction Experiments, Universal Force Table
  • Electrical Science Lab: Wattmeters, Ammeters, Voltmeters, CRO's, P-N Junction Diodes, Logic Gates, Regulated Power Supplies and Function Generators.
  • Embedded System Laboratory: Microprocessors, microcontrollers, interfacing ICs and kits, such as the 8085, 8086, and 8051.
  • Analog Electronics Lab: Devices for studying the behavior of different types of semiconductor devices including diodes, BJTs, and MOSFETs, as well as amplifiers and waveform generators.
  • Mechanical Lab:

Static, Dynamic Balancing, Gyroscope Experiment, Gyroscope Experimental Machine, Gyroscope Experimental Machine, PDMS, Radial Drill, Hacksaw Machine, Pelton Turbine, Hydraulic Ram, Keplan Turbine


Ac Classroom

Are designed and equipped with all sorts of modern technology, with projectors, smart boards etc. It also consists of Syndicate rooms, a room where students can brainstorm ideas and work on their assignments, and use the room for presentation and other practices.

State-of-the-art auditoriums with a combined seating capacity of about 1,000 act as a common ground for students, faculty, and corporate personalities for regular interfaces, conferences, and other events.

These auditoriums serve to bring students face to face with global thought leaders, academic gurus and corporate heads to share their experiences.

Television Studio

A Platform for Interface

Innovation, academic rigor, and industry-academic partnership are key to enhancing students' academic excellence at Amity University Gurugram

With NDTV as a partner, the television studio at Amity University Gurugram represents Innovation and Industry Academia Collaboration. Studio and outdoor production are part of the curriculum at Amity School of Journalism and Communication. Documentaries, news bulletins, and discussions about current affairs form students' work. Students are divided into groups and receive mentorship from industry experts and faculty. NDTV's producers and renowned journalists as well as experts in camera work and editing serve as mentors.

We have a large television studio that is suitable for shooting and post-producing news, features, and long-form programs. Studio floor with multiple cameras and a teleprompter; production control room with panels able to control multiple video and audio sources online and offline; graphics and special effects generators; and editing suites with Avid Media Composers and also a computer with Final Cut Pro software. Construction is underway on the sets to be installed in the Studio.

T.V. Studios

A Platform for Interface

As a result of technology, rigor, and industry-university collaboration, Amity University Gurugram students achieve academic excellence

Amity University Gurugram and NDTV have partnered to build a TV studio. Amity School of Journalism and Communication includes both studio and outdoor productions in their curriculum. Among the works of the students are documentaries and news bulletins. Groups of students are formed with the help of industry mentors and faculty experts to work on their projects. The mentors are well-known journalists, cameramen, and editors from NDTV.

A spacious TV studio can be used to produce and post-produce television news, feature programs, and long-format programs.

 There is a multi-camera studio floor, as well as lighting, a teleprompter, control panels to handle both online and offline video sources, and video editing suites with Avid media composers and an editing Mac equipped with Final Cut Pro. Sets are being built for the Studio.