BMSCE - B. M. S. College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Bangalore, Karnataka | Estd.: 1946

Type: Private | Approved By: VTU,AICTE




BMS has a Health Care Centre Located in the Campus itself.




Library services are designed to organize and distribute knowledge and information systematically. Keeping the books and documents as valuable sources of knowledge and information is very important for the future because man wants to pass on his knowledge and wisdom. Library access will allow others to benefit from preserving the documents.



BMSET Hostels provide accommodation to students wishing to reside in B.M.S. College of Engineering's (BMSCE) hostels. It is a distinct advantage to stay at BMSET Hostels and befriend students from around the world. Students can learn about different cultures, religions, and languages. Additionally, community living in the hostel will turn any hostelite into a world-class citizen by fostering a positive attitude towards life and the world.



Student life on campus relies heavily on the Department of Physical Education & Sports Science. Students, faculty, staff, as well as local community members, are offered a wide variety of sports, recreational and leisure activities. Providing contemporary and safe environments in which students can grow, develop and retain, while also developing fitness and wellness, social interaction, and leadership opportunities.