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Core 10+2 with 60%Valid VSAT score460000 -

Courses Details

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Bangalore Campus Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Full-time, a two-year program affiliated with Bangalore University and approved by AICTE.

  • The Master of Business Administration program is a globally recognized master's degree that provides a solid theoretical basis in business principles. Aside from teaching managerial information, it also offers practical chances via internships, group assignments, and individual projects to put what students learn in class to the test by developing fundamental management and leadership abilities.

  • Furthermore, the curriculum allows students to develop a variety of soft skills such as communication, motivation, and negotiating, as well as opens up worldwide possibilities for professional advancement. Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Production & Operations Management, Systems Management, and Entrepreneurship Management electives guarantee that students are industry-ready and may even start their own company after finishing the program.

Master of Commerce

  • The Master of Commerce program at IFIM is geared at professionals. The University courses are supplemented by module extensions that include work-related skills and are linked with practical learning via industry contacts.

  • The program allows students to work on research projects with faculty members.

  • Students are prepared for jobs in banking, insurance, financial markets, accounting, and academia throughout the two-year (4-semester) curriculum.

  • A personal mentorship program, which is an essential component of the curriculum, ensures that students gain the necessary skills and knowledge in their areas of concentration, preparing them for a profession.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

  •  Full-time, three-year program affiliated with Bangalore University

  • The Department of Management provides a unique and placement-oriented professional competence program, namely the BBA. The department strives for the comprehensive development of world-class leaders with unrivaled professional competence and a strong ethical viewpoint, as well as the long-term development of men and women imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • This undergraduate program is intended to provide skills for corporate employment or further education. To meet the needs of management executives, the emphasis is on building leadership characteristics, team management, communication skills, stress management, time management, and crisis management. To face the difficulties of academic schedules and assignments, students must participate fully in this program.

  • The content, breadth of syllabi, teaching style, and assessment make the BBA program distinctive. Group talks, brainstorming sessions, management games, transaction analysis, and dealing with contradictory circumstances are among the methods used in the pedagogy. Class lectures, industry visits, case studies, corporate orientation, and assignments are examples of teaching methods. Our BBA program has been ranked 11th out of the top 120 BBA programs in India.


  • Full-time, three-year program

  • Professional certification that is both industry-relevant and internationally recognized. Possibility of working anywhere in the globe. The training includes CMA (Certified Management Accountants) from the United States. The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential is a worldwide standard for Management Accountants and Financial Professionals. Aside from providing excellence in accounting and finance, the course provides students with chances for leadership, networking, and professional growth. The course also covers important technological and data analytics developments impacting the accounting and finance professions. This aids pupils in developing strategic planning and analytical abilities. Guest lectures, industry interactive sessions, seminars, presentations, webinars, and case studies provide a strong teaching methodology. standards and assistance

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.)

  • Full-time, three-year program affiliated with Bangalore University

  • The B.Com degree program is a multi-disciplinary curriculum with four concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance, and Information Technology. The curriculum has been designed to meet the academic and professional requirements of students in an age of growing integration of the nation with the global system of production, commerce, finance, and technology. The academic curriculum comprises classroom instruction, tutorials, seminars, and interactive sessions, assignments, projects, and internships with businesses and non-governmental organizations.

  • Despite its infancy, the department has firmly established itself as a source of brilliant potential recruits in the world of business and the corporate sector. The department has a strong track record of placement in high-profile corporations.

  • Aside from our teachers and support personnel, we have a group of students that are extremely passionate, lively, and academically bright. They also actively engage in extracurricular activities and attend a variety of national and international events hosted by different universities across India.

The Course's Highlights Include

  • B.Com provides a comprehensive understanding of Accounts, Auditing, Taxation, Business, and Corporate Law.

  • B.Com at IFIM is specifically intended to lead to a postgraduate degree in MBA, MMS, or professional courses such as CA, CFA, CIMA, CMA, or a PG program in Finance, M.Sc. Finance, or MBA in Finance.

  • At the undergraduate level, a solid accounting and finance foundation is established.

  • The curriculum is structured in such a manner that students studying a B.Com with a Finance Elective will be eligible for six paper exemptions while completing an ACCA course.

The Course's Objectives is as Follows 

  • To aid in the development of knowledge and application skills in the fields of commerce and business process management.

  • To provide high-quality education in business studies and to serve as a platform for individuals who want to pursue further education, research, or a professional job after graduation.

  • To prepare students for employment opportunities in different kinds of business companies.

  • To improve pupils' analytical and decision-making abilities.

  • To assist students in developing competency and competitive abilities that will allow them to become top-tier, highly competent business leaders.

  • To develop ethical business professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of business from an interdisciplinary standpoint.

  • To help in meeting the requirements of individuals who want to work in business or establish their own companies.

Pedagogy Teaching

  • The case studies

  • Lectures by outside speakers

  • Group conversations and presentations

  • Seminars with businesses and organizations that are relevant

  • Online education

  • Visits to factories

  • Assignments with a practical component

  • Work in the field

  • Classroom reversal

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

  • Three-year, full-time — Affiliated to Bangalore University

  • Full-time, a three-year program affiliated with Bangalore University

The Department of Computer Applications offers a three-year full-time undergraduate degree called the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). This course is suitable for students who want to work in the IT and financial services industries. This degree prepares students for demanding jobs in the area of information technology by providing them with a solid understanding of computer applications. The training is intended to meet the industry's recruiting needs. The institution takes pleasure in stating that the Department of Computer Applications has an outstanding and committed team of professors working to develop BCA students into industry-ready professionals. The department features a unique and cutting-edge computer lab with internet access and all essential software installed to enable hands-on teaching. The college's placement cell assists BCA students who are looking for job possibilities in the IT sector.

Bachelor of Journalism

Three-year, full-time — Affiliated to Bangalore University

  • The face of journalism has undergone a drastic change in recent years. And this change is both at the national and international levels. While the traditional print medium continues to grow, albeit, at a slower pace, there have been a whole lot of newer avenues that have emerged for journalism in the electronic media. The liberalization and economic reforms have brought a huge demand for professionally trained journalists in major news channels, business channels, newspapers, magazines, websites, and journals. There is an acute shortage of professionals who can deliver quality inputs on a real-time basis. The curriculum prescribed by Bangalore University is well designed to produce high-caliber journalists as demanded by the media industry. Other than Journalism, Psychology and Optional English is also a part of the course which helps in understanding journalism in a better way.

  • In recent years, the face of journalism has changed dramatically. And this shift is occurring at both the national and international levels. While the conventional print medium continues to expand, albeit, at a slower rate, a plethora of fresh outlets for journalism has arisen in the electronic media. The liberalization and economic changes have resulted in a high need for properly educated journalists in major news networks, business channels, newspapers, magazines, websites, and journals. There is a severe lack of experts who can provide high-quality contributions in real-time. Bangalore University's curriculum is well-designed to create high-caliber journalists, as required by the media business. Aside from journalism, the course also includes psychology and optional English, which aids in the comprehension of journalism.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Psychology, and English Optional) (BA-JPE)

  • According to the Higher Education Review 2018, IFIM College BA- JPE is one of the top 20 promising Media and Mass Communication Colleges in India. This three-year triple major degree program at IFIM College is run in collaboration with Bangalore University. The course is a combination of three main subjects: journalism, psychology, and optional English, with equal emphasis placed on each.

  • This is a mix of courses that provides students with many possibilities for a successful future. If you want to be a journalist, you must grasp the psychology of other people and explain yourself in a superior but easy language in order to make your point. This course has the advantage of introducing you to Print Media, Electronic Media, News Media, Advertising, Public Relations, Cinema, and Media Management. Thus, Bangalore University's curriculum is ideally geared to create high-caliber journalists, as required by the media business.

  • Psychology studies can help you understand human and animal behaviors, attitudes, personalities, interests, intellect, and so on, which will help you improve your own personality or lifestyle/skills. Students who complete this course may pursue careers in Clinical Psychology, Organizational and Industrial Psychology, Child Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Social Psychology, Sports Psychology Counseling, and a variety of other fields.

  • Through English Literature, IFIM College exposes students to the literary world of dramas, plays, tales, and essays that address culture, ethnicity, and society in both European and non-European civilizations. In addition, the students are specifically exposed to Indian Literature and led on a trip through the varied Indian language legacy.

  • The aforementioned mix of Journalism, Psychology and Optional English is unique in the market and in great demand. As a result, the triple major program offered by IFIM College should be your top option.