IFIM BS - Institute of Finance and International Management Business School, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka | Estd.: 1995

Type: Private | Approved By: AICTE,AACSB


Dear Recruiters, Alumni & Friends, 

A hearty welcome to the valley of learning - IFIM, located right in the midst of the silicon valley of India! IFIM Business School has a global outlook and is poised for quantum growth after becoming only the 6th AACSB accredited institute in the country. Moreover, it enjoys the locational advantage of being in Bengaluru, the technology capital of India, and a unique approach to teaching and learning, where each student gets the opportunity to customize learning pathways. I take this opportunity to share with you our commitment to preparing students for roles and careers according to their passion, and producing graduates who are not the usual toppers with intellectual arrogance but hardworking, willing to contribute, and in the pursuit of intellect – in a nutshell – “down to earth doers who can adapt to new skills and not the ivory tower strategists”. WELCOME TO IFIM BUSINESS SCHOOL On behalf of IFIM Business School, I invite you/your recruitment team to visit our campus for the selection of a very differentiated set of fresh minds for Final Placements and Internship in the recruitment season 2019-20 and look forward to a long-lasting association with you. With the rise of exponential technology, the industry life cycle that saw an organic growth till 2000, is now experiencing a non-linear growth at this time of Industry 4.0. With the rapidly changing nature of work outside, today’s youth needs a different charter of learning to prepare for this. The World Economic Forum (WEF) report on 21st-century skills, further complemented and validated for its relevance to India by the IFIM Business School and the National Human Resources Development Network (NHRDN) study, has clearly established that the business schools need to focus more on developing the being and the capability of doing. The study reveals managing self (Self-awareness, Self-development including Wellness); Dealing with Change and Uncertainty; People and Team Orientation, ability to work in a multi generation workforce as critical elements of ‘being’. The capability of ‘doing’ as the study finds, can be summed up as developing a business orientation; solution orientation; ability to integrate data and technology in business; entrepreneurial orientation; and execution that assumes more significance than strategy. The WEF report cautions that the careers of tomorrow bring with it a flurry of uncertainty where one must be ready to see several career shifts in their lifetime. The study further stresses on the need for continuous learning and reskilling; conforming to individualized learning style and pace; developing a learning orientation and analytical mindset; developing social sensitivity and cross-cultural orientation and globalization. IFIM Business School sensed this global phenomenon early and has been one of the first B -School to set an agenda for the academic framework to groom leaders beyond tomorrow, focussing on achieving global standards, like AACSB accreditation, to set the standards with futuristic curriculum, pedagogy, faculty and global partnerships. IFIM Business School in collaboration with eminent academics from Ivy League schools has been researching, experimenting and disrupting legacy academic interventions for the last three years. Innovative curriculum interventions such as Industry Internship Program (IIP), Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), Research and Innovation Incubation and Social Immersion Program (SIP) at IFIM Business School over the last three years have delivered outstanding results. The graduating students who have undergone these interventions have proved to be confident and effective solution providers with a high sense of humility and compassion. The industry 4.0 players have acknowledged this by not only hiring these students from IFIM but also by agreeing to offer courses and extending their support to make these interventions more meaningful. IFIM is dedicated to nurturing minds within an environment that values excellence, ingenuity, and diversity and producing the life-long learners and critical thinkers in India, ready to take on challenges of Industry 4.0. 

Dr. Atish C Chattopadhaya