JIM - Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

Noida, Uttar Pradesh | Estd.: 2004

Type: Private | Approved By: AICTE,AIU,NBA,AACSB




Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida has a library that holds over 26000 volumes, in addition to Book Bank books with over 11000 distinct titles.

  • Accessed via its electronic repository are more than 15000 indexed and abstracted journals and magazines, 6000 plus full-text journals and magazines, 9000 books, monographs, reports, and dissertations, and over 75000 e-books. Additionally, it belongs to DELNET, MANLIBNET, and the British Council Library.


There is a hostel at the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida where both boys and girls can stay. Besides water purifiers, common rooms, recreation rooms, mess, TV rooms, and laundry services, all hostels provide basic amenities.

The hotel offers security and surveillance systems, gyms, wifi, and sports facilities.

Boys Hostel

  • There are 80 rooms in the hotel
  • The hotel has 160 rooms
  • sharing rooms are available
  • Accommodations Off-Campus

 Girls Hostel

  • There are 80 rooms in the hotel
  • A total of 192 beds are available
  • sharing rooms are available
  • The On-Campus Hostel


Jaipuria Institute of Management (JIM), Noida campus provides a cafeteria on the campus, serving many dishes, cafeteria is a place for students to let go, relax and share their thoughtful experiences of the day while eating delicacies.




The institute has indoor and outdoor sports facilities and a swimming pool.

Here's how Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida can assist students in achieving a healthy work-life balance

  • Jaipuria Noida offers a variety of management clubs where students can share their knowledge and interact. They include the Marketing Club, the Finance Club, the IT Club, the Human Resources Club and the Operations Club. As well as hosting seminars and quiz shows, they also organize contests and invite industry experts to speak.

  • In addition to management clubs, there are general interest clubs for recreation and soft skills development, such as drama, film, literature, and music.

  • In addition to developing organizational skills, you will also be able to achieve work-life balance through active participation in these event organizations.

Operations Club

  • It aims to create a community of Jaipuria students interested in operations and to empower them with the tools and information necessary to succeed in operational jobs.

  • Within and outside of the classroom, this club engages in raising awareness, interest, and knowledge about Operations Management among Jaipuria students.

  • Its mission is to prepare students for the challenges of today's dynamic business environments. In addition to organizing various activities such as debates, quizzes, guest speakers, and industrial visits, the OC also invites people from the industry to share their experiences and talk about job opportunities.

Marketing Club at Jaipuria Institute of Management,  Noida

  • Students are largely responsible for running Marketing Club. Various activities are aimed at developing a marketing acumen in the students. Regular discussions, debates, and workshops are held in order to bring to students' attention the latest marketing practices, innovations, and concepts.

  • Among the advanced concepts and concepts covered by the Marketing Club are Brand Personality, Brand Equity, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Digital Marketing.

Hr Club : IPSA at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

  • ISPA is the HR club of Jaipur University, Noida, which is student-run. The organization has organized management games, team-building activities, inter-college events, and guest talks. In addition to business heads involved in Human Resources, the members of the club offer academic presentations to give students an introduction to their field. Additionally, IPSA facilitates actualized projects related to Human Resources and brainstorming activities on current issues.

Debate Club at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

  • With the aim of honing the debating skills of the students, the Jaipuria Noida debate club was set up. Members are able to improve their language proficiency as well as their research skills, critical thinking, and logical reasoning.

Literary Club at Jaipuria Institute of Management, JIM, Noida

  • The Jaipur Institute of Management, Noida has a Literary Club that encourages appreciation for literature by developing reading, writing, and listening skills on behalf of students.

  • By encouraging its members to learn and think from unbiased sources, the Literary Club strives to facilitate their involvement in a knowledge-based society and promote their skills development.

  • To achieve these objectives, the Club encourages its members to write original essays, books, articles, poems, memoirs, etc., to read and share good literature with other members. The aim of club activities is not solely to provide a platform for intellectual stimulation, but also to enhance the speaking abilities and communication skills of the members.

  • In addition to attracting students and faculty members of the Institute, the club also attracts members with a love for literature, a strong urge for self-improvement, and an enthusiastic willingness to share experiences.

Kasturi – The Music Club

  • Kasturi - Jaipuria Noida's music club, promotes happiness, joy, peace, and creativity among our students on campus. Music and related activities are intended to cultivate an appreciation of them. In addition to the various celebrations, the club organizes Talent Hunts - Voice of Jaipur Noida and Workshops on Independence Day, festival celebrations, and national day celebrations.

Movie Club at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

  • Cinema can also provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. Literature indicates that the cinema is a more effective medium than classroom lectures and books for learning certain aspects of life.

  • Students' love of movies and the movie club is deeply ingrained. This club has a huge following of student members, a number that adds up every year, which proves its immense popularity. Freshmen in our college have a tradition of joining the movie club. In the form of interesting and enlightening movies, the club aims to teach and inspire students of Jaipuria Noida by providing regular learning activities through cinema. On the campus Auditorium, a movie is screened every month.

  • There is a wide selection of movies at the movie club-40 English, 60 Hindi, 15 Other - which is ample evidence that the club boasts not only size but also quality. All interests are catered to at this club, so each member can find something they are interested in. A selection of movies covering multiple and varied backgrounds is available, from 'The Godfather to 'Guide', to 'The Seven Samurai' to 'Parineeta'. The young people of Jaipur are not merely spectators, they also know a lot about cinema.

Students Committees at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

  • Academic administration is facilitated by students from different PGDM programs through the PGDM Committee. With the assistance of the programme directors, the committee makes sure that students live in an environment conducive to academic success.

  • General Administration Committee: Students from PGDM programs work together to facilitate general administration. A committee of administration officers ensures that students have a safe, clean, vibrant environment on campus.

  • Committed to organizing two of the college's main events, this committee brings together student affairs students from different departments. Udaan is an annual fest in Noida organized by Jaipuria Institute of Management, whereas Spic Macay is in Ahmedabad.

  • The Udaan team features main coordinators and event coordinators who volunteer their time and effort to help organize the two-day annual event that incorporates a variety of management activities such as business idea competition, entrepreneurial puzzle game, business quiz, smart business, ad parade, competitions on equity research, rangoli, fashion shows, singing and dancing competitions, as well as literacy and fine arts activities alongside CSR initiatives.

FinIance Club at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

  • Jaipuria Noida Students are encouraged to share their knowledge of Finance in the academic-oriented club called "Hiranya". In addition to hosting guest speakers, the club hosts seminars and panel discussions with industry experts.

  • Among the events, the organization hosts are business plan competitions, quizzes, and debates. The newsletter 'The Crunch' is also published by 'Hiryana' twice a month. An overview of all major economic and business events is presented in the newsletter. As well as economic data, it contains financial data. Students' articles are featured in a section called Haryana Thinktank, which is part of the newsletter.