LPU - Lovely Professional University, Phagwara

Phagwara, Punjab | Estd.: 2005

Type: Private | Approved By: UCG,AIU




The university also has one of the biggest and most sophisticated libraries in the world. LPU's library can knock down other schools' buildings, and it isn't simply a department located in a corner. The nine-story structure housing millions of books and thousands of shelves brimming with information. It's possible to discover any book you might imagine, whether it's academic or non-academic, fictional or non-fictional. Peaceful environments and organised materials may assist a learner in categorising necessary from unnecessary information. With zero disorder, the library can welcome over a thousand pupils at once.

The University provides a central library to its students which contains 150000 books, 4000 digital resources, and 300 odd printed journals and magazines. 



 University takes care of all the basic needs of the students. 



The LPU campus provides good student housing, separated into sections for males and girls. There are a broad variety of programs to choose from, accommodating the preferences of all pupils. The available housing options range from simple hotel rooms to apartments, and students may choose what suits them best. There are two basic kinds of hostels: Standard Rooms and Apartment hostels.

  • Hostel facilities are available for the students.

  • University has a residential facility for the students.

  • Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.

  • AC Rooms and non-AC rooms are also available.

  • Double and triple occupancy rooms are available.



Sports: Various games like Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Hockey. 

Gym: The GYM facility is being introduced at two different locations exclusively for hosteller students.



LPU University Facilities Teaching Labs

The world is becoming better and improving quickly. A time in which it has become evident that practical knowledge is more important than academic knowledge is approaching. In order to keep up with the changing demands of the business, LPU has improved its facilities with state-of-the-art Mac, SAP, and Google laboratories, which help students get the skills they need. In addition to using a variety of teaching methods, LPU utilizes the audio-visual smart lecture approach to spread a wealth of knowledge to students. It assists pupils in improving their reading, reviewing, and recalling skills.

  • Civil Engineering Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Design Lab
  • Electrical Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Mechanical Lab
  • Medical Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Aviation Lab
  • Basic Training Restaurant
  • Psychology Lab
  • Animal Cell Culture Lab
  • Mac Lab

Other facilities include safety and security, power supply, bank and ATM facilities, post office, internet connectivity, laundry facilities, shopping mall, transportation, and convenience store. 

Research and Innovation at LPU

LPU's students are given the chance to realize their visions. The students may study and plan their ideas and inventions, which include machinery, equipment, and applications. Students have carried out investigations and created many remarkable inventions. The Student Researchers at LPU has gotten the attention of The Times of India, NDTV, and other high-profile news outlets. These are the new developments by LPU students.

  • Algae-based Air purifiers is developed by LPU students.

  • Built a special solar-powered, driverless bus.

  • a less expensive humanoid robot

  • LPU CSE students built a fridge monitoring system, Food Pi, that tracks fridge cleanliness.

  • LPU scientists have submitted a desalination patent for 'Sea-Water' in 'Sea-Water'

  • The International Astronautical Federation Committee has ranked Digantara Research and Technologies among the top 8 startups in the world, and Lovely Professional University selected them as our partners.

  • The ‘Bio Air Purifier‘ created by LPU students is an effort to combat air pollution.

  • 7 LPU students were selected to represent the school at the Microsoft Student Partners India Summit 2020 in New Delhi.

  • A project from the LPU CSE department called Work India Build India, which is in the process of being created, may help fight unemployment in the nation.

  • The U.S. space agency NASA gave a STEM Engagement Award to students at the Lovely Professional University's Mechanical and Computer Science programs.