SOIL - Soil Institute of Management, Gurugram

Gurugram, Haryana | Estd.: 2008

Type: Private | Approved By: AICTE

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31 July 2021


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About The College

Soil Institute of Management was set up in the year 2008. Soil Institute of Management is also known as SOIL. Soil Institute of Management is a private Institute situated in Gurgaon. Soil Institute of Management has an excellent placement record. Soil Institute of Management provides quality education to its student.

The entire faculty here at Soil Institute of Management is well qualified and experienced. Soil Institute of Management offers 4 courses 2 streams. Soil Institute of Management has beautiful infrastructure. Soil Institute of Management offers courses like MBA, & PGPM along with PGDM courses. Accepted exams in Soil institute are CAT, XAT, GMAT, and NMAT. Soil is the platform for the students where they can grow personally and professionally.

All students get placed in very good companies at Soil Institute of Management. Students gets a good start for their career as fresher. Soil Institute of Management conducts various seminars, conferences and provides various types of task to students to handle, where they use new strategies which help them to boost their overall personality. Soil Institute of Management is known for its diversity and for creating opportunities for students by collaborating with handpicked companies. Soil Institute of Management (SOIL) also has an extensive process for admission for zealous candidates, who are eager to join companies and give their best hand forward.


 Building Leaders with Character, Competence & Enthusiasm.


Our mission at Soil Institute of Management is

  • Spread Awareness comes from the practice of “mindfulness”. This is about learning to be fully present in whatever we are doing, feeling, or thinking. By not having any regrets about the past or anxiety about the future, we bring back the child-like curiosity to learn and be happy regardless of the state of the environment. This is taught through a regular practice of Yoga and meditation.

  • Create Balance, comes from appreciating the true spirit of “Sustainability”. Our campus building is designed to be in balance with Mother Nature- natural light in all rooms, rainwater harvesting, energy-saving equipment, etc. Besides, we teach courses on “Whole systems thinking” to make the students aware of this dimension.

  • Show Compassion is about not only getting out of our shoes to step into others’ shoes to feel their state of mind but also doing something to help those in need. This is done through the year-long “Social Innovation Program” in which student teams’ work one day a week, with NGO’s to make a difference to society. We also partner with the Chinmaya Organization of Rural Development (CORD) and donate 10% of our profits each year to serve the poorest of the poor in India.

  • Seek and Spread Diversity is about appreciating the uniqueness of each person and learning to leverage that for the sake of collective good. We use “Caliper”, a world-renowned tool to appreciate the psychometric profile of every student and staff member and enable teams to use this knowledge to give off their best.

  • Value Ethics is about being fair to all stakeholders, using the right means to achieve results, and “no deception”. We practice this in every process in SOIL and also teach students to explore this within themselves through a week-long intensive course conducted by theatre artists.

Unique Highlights of Soil Institute of Management

Students from all over the world have benefited from the quality of unique and extraordinary experiences offered at the Soil Institute of Management. 

Soil Institute of Management offers students a lifetime experience by Connecting Students with Rural Outreachin this Program, the Soil Institute of Management provides students with a Three-week Compulsory Program in Rural Immersion in India.

  • Soil Institute of Management’s Students work with several NGOs, Block Development Officers, and Commissioners.
  • Our On-Site Sessions are conducted with field experts who determine the problems and present solutions.
  • Through this, students at the Soil Institute of Management become well-versed in the needs, challenges, and opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

Soil Institute of Management seeks knowledge and inspiration across all of the worlds through Global Immersion

Two-week study tours are available at business capitals all around the world as part of our Core Curriculum.

  • The soil Institute of Management offers a mix of on-campus, business immersion, lectures, and interactive sessions with top business leaders. Getting inspired by observing world leaders in action helps students at Soil Institute of Management to develop their leadership skills.
  • In the soil institute of management, students gain a greater understanding of the global market and macroeconomic environment.

Extracurricular Activities at Soil Institute of Management- at the Himalayan Outreach & Dharamshala trips

  • Students of the Soil Institute of Management take part in a week-long trip to the Himalayan foothills in Dharamshala, which helps them gain introspection and develop self-awareness.
  • During their time at the Soil Institute of Management, students learn about the value of experiential learning involved in treks, medical treatment, and sporting events.

In conclusion, this trip organized by the Soil Institute of Management offers students the opportunity to learn about the importance of teamwork and the nuances of team dynamics.

Students at Soil Institute of Management imbibes Spirituality

Taking a child's spiritual development into account is SOIL's approach. We have designed and curated all the teaching materials with Pancha Kosha as the foundation. The teachers and leaders of our organization are extremely dedicated to understanding and integrating spiritual values into each of their educational methodologies.

The program focuses on developing students both internally and externally, which will significantly contribute to their development as leaders. At the Soil Institute of Management, students learn how to discover and leverage their own "purpose and calling," "discover their gifts," and accomplish their "development areas" by understanding, overcoming, and leveraging their strengths.

SOIL practices the following spiritual practices in hopes of creating Inspired Leaders

Soil Institute of Management has a ritual known as Practice of Morning Circle

Students at Soil Institute of Management share positive stories and invoke their higher purpose every morning as part of their morning circle. This unique feature of Soil starts with prayer and builds skills such as mutual respect, empathy, self-discipline, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Soil Institute of Management’s Yoga Practices

Soil Institute of Management integrates Yoga, Wellness, and Spirituality into all aspects of our program at Soil Institute of Management. Dietitian Susie Roy teaches yoga and wellness courses at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, where she earned a BSc Hon Dietetics degree from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. As part of her yoga practice, she teaches basic postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation methods.

Soil Institute of Management’s Mindful Theatre Program

The program features eminent theatre artists Lushin Dubey and Amrita Laljee. Students learn the essentials of drama through stimulating activities and roleplays. The workshop allows the participants to become more aware of themselves through physical, verbal, and psychological expressions.

Soil Institute of Management’s Innovation Projects

An organization committed to community development works closely with a team of students. A day every week is spent working with one or more non-profits with whom we have partnered.



Top Recruiter's From Last Two Years

Nokia | Mahindra | TVS | Asian Paint | HP | Maruti Suzuki | ICICI Bank | Bharat petroleum.

Admission Process

  • Check the eligibility criteria through the FormsADDA website.

  • The candidate needs to fill the application form through the FormsADDA website.

  • Admission to Soil Institute of management is done through a combination of assessment tests followed by an interview round that is conducted by the institute itself.

  • To get admission to Soil Institute of Management for the PGDM program the candidate needs to score good marks in CAT, XAT, GMAT, & NMAT.

  • Soil Institute of Management will shortlist the candidate based on entrance exams and interview performance as per preferred courses.

  • Shortlisted will receive an offer letter at the registered email address.

  • Fee payment & commencement of classes.

Key Features

  • Soil Institute of Management has collaboration with Cedep, France, Politecnico DI Milano, Italy Royal Roads University, Canada, Shizenkan University, Japan, Johannesburg Business School, South Africa, and more

  • Soil Institute of Management has an excellent reputation in the market.

  • Soil Institute of Management promises to give world-class quality education quality to its students.

  • Soil Institute of Management has strong bonding with its alumni members.

  • Soil Institute of Management has an excellent relationship with US University.

  • Soil Institute of Management runs several programs in terms of research and academics to develop the overall personality of its student.

Facilities in Campus









Some Insights of Soil Institute of Management which includes Clubs & organization

Soil Institute of Management’s business clubs and organizations help students hone their leadership skills outside the classroom.

Students at SOIL can find a club that matches almost every interest. A club is a group of students led by students. The school aims to foster entrepreneurship in its students by inviting them to create their own clubs with qualified team members.

As a member of the club, you improve your leadership skills, gain professional and personal networks, meet new people, and gain an appreciation for new perspectives while building connections with other students, faculty, recruiters, and business leaders.

The clubs at Soil Institute of Management are

Toastmaster Club

A Toastmasters club helps its members at Soil Institute of Management learn public speaking, communication, and leadership skills in a non-profit environment. Each Friday or Sunday, we conduct the following activity.

Outdoor Sports & Adventure

Our goal at Soil Institute of Management’s Sports & Adventure Club is to provide students with a wide range of opportunities to gain practical knowledge, develop practical skills, and improve their physical fitness by participating in outdoor activities.

Real Estate Club

At the Soil Institute of Management, the Real Estate Club aims to provide MBA students seeking a career in real estate with educational opportunities, networking opportunities, recruitment contacts, and other career services.

Consumer Marketing Club

It is known to be Soil Institute of Management’s favorite club, Students looking to expand their marketing knowledge can join the marketing club. In addition to various activities and classroom sessions, the club conducts seminars and workshops around the year to keep its members up-to-date on a wide range of functions, including Advertising, Marketing, Research, and Sales.

Cricket Club

Cricket fans and followers are welcome to join the Soil Institute of Management Cricket Club. In addition to the SOIL premier league, the cricket club conducts other events throughout the year. As an additional service, the club broadcasts live matches from the college in the evenings.

Events – SOIL Premier League.

Quiz Club

The quiz club caters to geeky people of the Soil Institute of Management with a thirst for knowledge. This is one of the most popular clubs at SOIL. It conducts a quiz every Wednesday on topics such as politics, movies, cricket, entertainment, management, etc.

Social Impact Club

The Social Impact Club was founded by the students of Soil Institute of Management to educate them about social issues. Members interested in participating in club projects work closely with our partner NGOs.

Yoga Club

Getting fit and staying active through yoga helps find zen for students. Yoga and wellness events are part of Soil Institute of Management’s MBA experience. Every morning during morning circles, yoga club members perform special performances.

Cinema Club

The club is one of the most interesting at SOIL for students who are interested in cinema, short films, movie making, etc. With activities ranging from filmmaking to editing videos, it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting clubs at the Soil Institute of Management.

Dramatics Club

On-campus, students have the opportunity to participate in a dramatics club. In addition to staging plays, the club has conducted interactive sessions for young enthusiasts and held workshops about theatre technicalities. Theatre workshops are offered to Soil Institute of Management students to teach them ethics and mindfulness.

Investors Club

Students interested in investment management should consider joining the investors club, which provides mentorship programs, workshops, and career preparation. Through this Club, students have the opportunity to collaborate with the finance faculty of Soil Institute of Management, engage in research, and participate in case competitions.

Wine Club

Students may join the Wine Club at Soil Institute of Management for an educational setting to learn about international and domestic wines and spirits. Moreover, we invite students to gain a better understanding of international cultures and how beverages are used. Furthermore, we offer the chance to learn about how wine is made, distilled, and distributed. Business dinners incorporate wine; learn how to order wine and how to pair a particular varietal with food.

Nature & Gardening Club

An exploratory and gardening club for students. Through various activities such as planting trees and maintaining the lawns, the gardening club enhances the natural look of the college campus.Soil Institute of Management gardens offer opportunities for gardening exploration, observation, and cultivation of plant communities as well as permaculture and organic agriculture instruction

Music Club

Our club at Soil Institute of Management provides musical opportunities to IIM Calcutta students and the community. The music club performs every year at Soil Institute of Management's celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Soil PGDM good?

A: Soil PGDM is a full-time two-year program offered by the Soil Institute of Management for candidates who have no more than 24 months of work experience.

Q: What is Business Design at Soil Institute of Management?

A: Liberal arts and management courses integrated into one curriculum. Business Design is an approach to solving business problems using design thinking.
Student's creative business problem-solving skills are developed through the business design curriculum.

Q: What specializations are available in the PGDM program at Soil Institute of Management?

A: There are four areas of specialization
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Analytics

Q: Is Soil, Gurgaon AICTE approved?

A: The answer Yes. The course is officially approved by the AICTE committee.
Q. What is the full form of PGPM?
A. Post Graduate Program in Management
Q: What is the fee structure for the course?
A: Formsadda associates can answer fee-related questions, or you can check the website for more information.

Q. Does Soil accept NMAT score?

A: Yes, Soil accepts NMAT score
Q: Does the Soil Institute of Management offer scholarships?
A: Yes, the Soil Institute of Management offers several scholarships opportunities.
Soil Institute of Management is committed to making sure our unique 2-year Business Design program is available to the most driven and capable leaders of tomorrow. As a result, all candidates who are selected are able to attend the program regardless of their socio-economic background. Scholarships have been provided in order to accomplish this:
  • Fee waivers range from 25% up to 100% based on the need.
  • Additionally, students who show exceptional merit will be able to waive their hostel fees.