About Us

In 2015, the company Formsadda was established. With more than 3500 B-schools and more than 500,000 students enrolled in different MBA or comparable programs, India has one of the largest education infrastructures in the world. Information about many educational institutions is available on Formsadda.

To assist you in making informed Career choices, we have made available comprehensive data on a wide range of topics, including courses, tests, institutions, entrance requirements, eligibility, fees, placement statistics, rankings, reviews, scholarships, and the most recent changes.

Form filling is a time-consuming task, but using Formsadda makes the procedure quick, simple, and trouble-free for students. For a full year, Formsadda offers up to 80% off on application forms.

Vision & Mission :

Formsadda primary goal is to provide comprehensive guidance and advice to students in need of information about schools, programs, placement, etc. The educational resources we give on our website are customized to each user based on their background knowledge and career goals. As a result, prospective students will be better equipped to choose an appropriate major and institution.

With the help of formsadda for digital branding, colleges and universities will create a digital presence, which in turn can raise the institution’s profile online and encourage more prospective students to enroll.

With the help of the Formsadda platform, educational institutions may reach out to both a niche and a broad audience to satisfy their needs.