Doon Business School: Admission, Courses, Fee, Ranking 2022

Is DBS (Doon Business School) good or not for an MBA? How are the placements there?


DBS or Dehradun Business School is a school for management studies established in the year 2007 in the state of Uttarakhand, India. DBS Dehradun is popular for furnishing a quality scholastic atmosphere for scholars of management studies. The Doon Business School is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is affiliated with the Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU). The school is placed in the ranking of top 10 boarding schools of our country, Doon Business School Ranking in 2021 is No.1 in Uttarakhand & and one of the best academies in Dehradun for placement and Infrastructure. DBS campus is placed between glorious valleys and the ridges of mountains. World-class schooling, geared towards business management, is proposed in the school. Doon business college is recognized to be one of the best colleges in Dehradun.

Should I go to Doon Business School Dehradun from MBA?

MBA is a master’s degree in the field of management which provides excellent experience and knowledge in terms of business analysis, marketing and sales, etc. The course is one of the highest chosen courses by the people of our country. It provides great job placements. If you are pursuing your degree from a well-known university or institute then your chances of getting placed with the highest package will increase to the utmost. People who are motivated enough to work for their bright future often look for the best colleges and institutes for pursuing their degrees, in these terms Doon Business School is the best, the school is ranked among the top business schools of the country from the last years and considered the best university in the entire state of Uttarakhand by the government itself. In terms of placements, the college is pretty good and provides placements at different levels with various organizations, associations, corporations, and companies. Is Doon Business School good for MBA? Is the question that often arises in students minds,  Pursuing your MBA degree in this college can never be a bad idea. Doon Business School MBA fees is approximately 8 lakhs rupees, and if you are working and learning properly you will for sure get an opportunity to be placed with huge companies which will modify your future and will also help you to achieve your life goals.

Doon Business School MBA placement has an employment improvement cell that furnishes counseling and business decisions, assistance to learners, and governs outstanding workshops to educate them for ultimate nomination. All the learners are profiled as per their stability, weaknesses and a certain career recommendation agenda is qualified to furnish them insights into the business. It has been skilled to furnish 100% proposals every year to its learners. In the time of placements 2021, prime leading corporations, such as ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, India Glycol Ltd, Kotak Mahindra Bank, WNS and Publicis Sapient employed the learners for numerous forms. DBS Global also delivers its student’s internship chances in Singapore, with their boarding, housing, and journey work along with allowance is all taken care of. These international internships are discretionary and not mandatory.

Placements at Doon Business School

Doon Business School Placement has been able to secure more than 100% placement invitations every year for its students by formulating powerful corporate connections and establishing their aptitudes. Doon Business School’s regular placements were around 5 lacs. The Doon Business School’s greatest package goes above ten lakhs. Some of the leading companies that visits and It has been skilled to furnish 100% proposals every year to its learners. In the time of placements 2021, prime leading corporations, such as ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, India Glycol Ltd, Kotak Mahindra Bank, WNS and Publicis Sapient employed the learners for numerous aspects.

What kind of placements are there at Doon Business School, Dehradun?

Doon Business School is one of the best business school in Uttarakhand. It school provides the student an opportunity to get a good job in different sector. Doon provides global certification in SAP in five different modules along with dual specialization in PGDM. Doon provide life skill that enhance your internal growth.
All curriculum are further enhanced with industry interface. Lectures from industry personnel. DBS’s location gives an added advantage for life projects as the institute is located next to the green industries housing Samsung, Videocon, Rasna, Woodland, Elder Pharma, etc. Attractive scholarships available for meritorious students.
At DBS each student gets the opportunity to appear more than 100 companies each year and each student is able to get the optimum placement deserved. In 2015-16 the maximum take home salary has been Rs 20.5 lakhs & CTC 23 lakhs.

Multiple Placement Policy

Employability & Placements are key focus area at DBS. We have adopted a strategy of targeting placements at the middle level of management rather than at the entry level by providing additional skills and training. Extensive coverage of global trade parameters and best practices of industry ensures that students are well equipped to handle competitive pressures of global business.

Placement is an independent activity managed the career development cell & the students on their own through their nominated committee member, under the overall guidance of an experienced Placement Coordinator. Moreover, the activities calendar of DBS has incorporated a number of activities which have been designed to promote industry interaction. Relationship building with Corporates through rich knowledge exchange helps build a trust in DBS capabilities to nurture talent and impart necessary skills in its students.

DBS has been able achieve more than 100% offers every year for its students by building strong corporate relationships and skill building efforts in its students. Interviews in more than 70 corporates were arranged for the students for placement season of last year. Over the past few years total no. of offers made the students of DBS exceeds the no. of eligible candidates opting for placement from the campus.

Multiple Placement Policy

The student committee of the Career Development Cell at DBS has resolved to provide Multiple Placement opportunity to each student. Every Job Opportunity which comes in the preview of CDC is categorized in A, B and C category based on company credentials, Job Description and remuneration.

Every student can sit in as many companies till he gets his first confirmed offer from one company. After the first offer, the student is again given a chance to upgrade by sitting in maximum 2 more companies in the upper category companies or the first additional offer in the higher category company which is earlier.

Doon Business School Placements 2021

Doon Business School placements 2021 were conducted at the campus in full swing during December 2020 and January 2021. Top giants, such as ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, India Glycol Ltd, Berger Paint, Saint Gobain, Kotak Mahindra Bank, WNS and Publicis Sapient hired the students for multiple profiles. These include Client Facing Sales, Associate Global Revenue Operation – Finance, Assistant Sales Manager, Associate GRO- Finance and Relationship Officers, among others.

The college ensures that a very high percentage of students are placed every year internally. There are numerous companies including startups visiting campus through the year either for internship or placement. The average package provided lies between 4 to 5 Lacs per annum.

Doon Business School Placements 2021: Highlights

More highlights from Doon Business School final placement 2021 are as follows

Final Placements 2021

  • Four students shortlisted for the profile of HR Generalist at India Glycol Ltd
  • Three students from the PGDM/MBA were hired by Axis Bank
  • Students were offered a starting package of Rs 8.5 LPA for the profile of Career Development Executive by Jaro Education
  • Saint Gobain offered Management Trainee and Sales profiles to the students with an annual compensation of Rs 6.5 lakh
  • Extramarks was highlighted as a top recruiter by selecting 12 students and offered the highest salary package of Rs 12.4 LPA for the role of Business Development Officer
  • UNIQLO also hired four students of BBA and BCom (batch 2020)
  • Two students of MA in Mass Communication are placed with ETV Bharat
  • 36 candidates were shortlisted by ICICI Bank from the MBA/PGDM batches for final placements round

Doon Business School BBA Placement About 60% of students were placed, the highest package was about 4.5 lac, the lowest was 1.2 lac and average was 2.3 lac. Top recruitment companies were HDFC bank and Tommy Hilfiger. Top roles was marketing executive. About 50-55% students got internship from my course.

Doon Business School Placement Report 2019-21

Career Development Cell of DBS is responsible for ensuring not only placements to all students but also grooming students to take on the rigours of the corporate world effectively without any stress. CDC team develops relationships with corporates based on projects, consultancy, internships and placement. CDC team actively engages with faculty to understand the gaps in the curricula and industry requirements and bridges them through active involvement of the corporates around various activities that help the students in developing a deeper understanding of business. Value added courses are designed to cover the curricular gaps and help students upgrade their skills portfolio aligned with industry requirements. Personality grooming starts from day 1 of the start of the session and is an integral part of campus engagement. Students’ development is regularly monitored and the mentors allocated to each student initiates correction the moment they view the gaps in performance and benchmarks. Practice of GD and PI is given regularly. In each course, stress is given on individual presentations on lecture summary, case and business events analysis. CDC team also engages actively with the startups to share the developments in the technology application with faculty so that projects can be designed around these developments and students keep abreast of the rapidly changing business environment. A number of internships and final placements are offered through this engagement with the startups.

Doon Business School Placement Summary

The data relating to placement is enclosed for each year, giving details of the company, CTC and the names of selected students. DBS has been able to offer on an average approx. 1.6 placements giving the students multiple opportunities to get placed in their dream company. Every student gets to appear in almost 7-12 placement drives on campus so that the final choice reflects the aptitude and intellect for a successful career ahead. CDC team strives to bring to campus a diverse portfolio of companies so that it covers the traditional as well as new age businesses. Over the last 2 years, an encouraging trend witnessed was the increase of startups and new technology companies coming for recruitment, reflecting the confidence industry has in the delivery of knowledge about latest developments and the grooming of students to adapt to the rigourous working of these startups. As a result of stringent focus on students’ personality development and knowledge delivery, average CTC has been consistently increasing and witnessed an average growth of 25% yoy. CTC for top 30% students placed averaged around Rs 8 lakhs plus giving an ROI of less than a year and clearly indicating that if the students work as per the guidelines and schedule round the year, getting a good placement is not difficult.

Summer Internship

Summer Internship is a very intense activity monitored very closely in DBS. Companies representing different business segments are engaged to impart experiential learning to the students. A faculty mentor regularly engages with the student to review the progress. Work completed is monitored on a continuous basis and graded every week. SIP is students stepping stone to the corporate world and many companies offer PPO on the conclusion of the internship.

Winter Live Project

The first step towards understanding corporate working, inducting the students into corporate world. Through projects, specially designed by the DBS team to develop a holistic understanding of business, students develop understanding of the foundation of management subjects covered in Sem 1 and apply the understanding to analyse balance sheet, marketing strategy, etc. WLP acts as a precursor to SIP.

Industry Visits

For imparting experiential learning and developing a broader perspective in students by exposing them to various industries and making them interact with industry professionals to invoke their critical thinking and problem solving skills, regular industry visits are organized with a pre-defined objective given to the students relating to their curricular understanding. During the day long visit, students interact with the industry professionals and develop an understanding of the day to day functioning, technology, business environment and its impact and how strategies are evolved to sustain growth and profitability.

Corporate Lecture Series

Students get to interact with corporate leaders every week to develop a better understanding of micro concepts of business functions and the strategies adopted under different situations by the leaders.

Project Based Learning

Project based learning is a USP of DBS, adopted since inception. Curricular content across different subjects is integrated into a project and students work as a group of 4-6 targeting the objective and developing the most appropriate strategies and actions to achieve the project outcome. To make the students understand the volatility of the business environment, the project dynamics are changed mid-way through the project, forcing the groups to huddle, discuss the impact and rework their strategies to sustain growth and counter competition. They understand the impact of adopting different strategies on business performance and thereby develop an instinct to analyse the outcomes of different actions.

How are the placements at DBS Dehradun?

DBS has a Career Development Cell on its campus that has been able to provide 100% offers every year to its students. During placements 2021, top companies, such as ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, India Glycol Ltd, Kotak Mahindra Bank, WNS and Publicis Sapient hired the students for multiple profiles

1. What is the average salary package offered to the students at Doon Business School?

Ans. In placements 2021, Extramarks was the top company that offered the highest salary package of Rs 12.4 LPA to 12 shortlisted PGDM students.

2. How many rounds are conducted in the placement drive?

Ans. During DBS placements, selection rounds often include telephonic interviews, online tests and three rounds of technical interviews.

3. What is the highest salary package offered at Doon Business School?

Ans. As per an official document shared by the institute, the highest package for the past few years at Doon Business School stood at Rs 10.6 LPA.

4. Who are the major recruiters at Doon Business School?

Ans. Some of the leading companies that visited the DBS campus and hired its students include ICICI Bank, Berger Paints, Axis Bank, India Glycol Ltd, Kotak Mahindra Bank, WNS and Publicis Sapient.

5. In which sector do most of DBS alumni work?

Ans. Majority alumni of Soon Business School are working in the Sales sector (18% of a total of 2,000 alumni).

6. What all roles are offered to the students of Doon Business School?

Ans. Some of the popular roles offered to the students of DBS include Client Facing Sales, Associate Global Revenue Operation – Finance, Assistant Sales Manager, Associate GRO- Finance and Relationship Officers, among others.

In the college, learners can select their preferred course from five various bureaus of studies that are

  • Management
  • Mass Communication
  • Commerce
  • Computer Applications
  • Agriculture & Allied Sciences.
  • Learning is strengthened by the existence of all essential capacities in the college.

Top roles and positions provided to the students from MBA sectors are 

Top Roles And Positions

HR InternExecutive of sales development at international levelBusiness Development Manager
Key account managerTrainee consultantJunior research analyst
Derivatives analystBusiness Development Officer

The outstandig faculty and programs

DBS college in Dehradun guarantees a decent interaction between students and mentors by using strategies such as case studies, reports, and project management.

Doon Business School offers various programs and the undergraduate programs it offers in the field of management are BA, BSc, BCom, BCA, and BBA, along with post-graduate programs in management such as MBAs and PGDMs, on other hand, the school offers MScs, MCAs, and PGDMs for the postgraduate level extent. the university furthermore proposes an assortment of BBA/MBA policies and following diploma programs.The Doon Business School furnishes scholars with SAP training from institutes all around the world, comprising the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, as part of international unions. The Doon Business School and Microsoft Academic Alliance have enlisted forces and will profit their learners extensively.


The infrastructure of DBS is developed well with great features, it provides every facility a student will want. Some of the major and most important infrastructural elements of the school are detailed below

  • The Classrooms at School are massive and qualified with LCD projectors, whiteboards, high-speed internet connection, and a PA system, assuring that classroom education is fascinating and extraordinary.
  • Forth in the playing arena at Doon Business School, scholars demonstrate squad passion as well as skillfulness in material activity. The intertwining of students and athletics at School keeps them motivated and gives rise to their development.
  • Football, cricket, basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, squash, pool sports, and other games are held in the school for the engagement of students.
  • The School promotes a well-functioned computer lab with a system of dual-core appliances associated with the computer and DBS’s regional area network. Learners have a permit to laptop computers 24 hours a day to do their tasks, chores, and duties provided. The internet is correlated at 16 megabits per second 24/7 to deliver permits to tremendous academic reserves. These sorts of functions are important to the curriculum. Students are expected to capitalize on their capabilities on a conventional toss academics.
  • Centre offers the following services: In the school, all divisions and faculty have a permit to authorized email. Learners at the School who have enrolled with BASE may operate SAP. Sum of the computer laboratories, departmental systems, and residential LANs and WIFI formats are stocked with online UPS networks and diesel generators to deliver 24-hour endless allotment of power supply.
  • Library -The School Library structure, which benefits the college’s education, exploration, and additional training, comprises a prominent library and one faculty archive. The DBS Campus’s Central Library is a crucial reserve for management, science, and technology students. Currently, there are approximately 25000 book quantities and 20000 e-books.
  • Auditorium and Meeting Room-The school campus comprises a 400-seat theater, committee room, an activity hall, which is sufficient for a combination of circumstances such as meetings, discussions, workshops, debates, quizzes, examinations, and conferences. The auditorium at the School will primarily be operated for artistic exhibitions including meetings, seminars, workshops, and small dance, acting, and theatre enactments. The theaters are built with air conditioning, electrical, and emergency services in sense.
  • Students may appreciate and relax after a lengthy day in a lecture at School in the cafeteria, which has a fascinating and immaculate atmosphere as well as an impressive seating structure.
  • The enormous open-air theatre in the campus entertains outside occasions such as shows, fashion presentations, celebrations, and parties.
  • Hostel and Mess facilities – In the school, both boys and girls will be provided different boarding and rooming capabilities. Compartments are proposed in dual or treble compositions. School also delivers Gyms for boys and Yoga for girls, in extension to laundry and high speed well functioned Wi-Fi connection.
  • The school has a huge mess with comfortable dining seats. Diet is fulfilled to pupils that are both pure and healthy, The kids determine on the weekly menus founded on the dinners furnished.
  • Medical services- during the period of registration, School students are given a CashLess Mediclaim Card (on a payment basis) that retains an organization with three of Dehradun’s most famous hospitals ie. Max Specialty Hospital, Shri Guru Ram Rai Hospital, and Synergy Hospital.
  • If there is a medical crisis, each one of the students must leave for these clinics without having to pay cash. Similarly, Selaqui SHC is just a few hundred meters off in case of medical crises. The dormitory and campus also deliver basic first-aid duties.

Which is better, IBS Hyderabad or Doon Business School Dehradun?

Doon Business School (commonly Reffered as DBS) one of the oldest and finest B-schools of the country. With an experience of about 10 years in the continuously evolving field of management education, the institution has closely seen all that has taken place in the area of business, entrepreneurship, economic policies and industrial relations. 1. Infrastructure Students of this prestigious institute say that it has modern technology and facilities. Doon Business School also has access to the world class centralised data system, which is a repository of multi-sectoral and diverse subjects not limited to only management. This B-school has a well-equipped seminar hall; centrally air-conditioned, wifi and projector enabled classrooms along with recreation facilities that include cricket, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and carrom board playing arenas. The library has a comprehensive collection of management books along with some 2000 odd journals and research papers. Students can even access magazine subscriptions such as that of Harvard Business Review and the likes. 2. Faculty Doon Business School is an extremely popular management institute due to its faculty. Professors at Doon Business School have teaching experience ranging from 2-35 years in their respective fields

Students Reviews

Doon business school placement reviews are pretty decent. The students who qualified from DBS MBA are now successful and living their life the way they wanted it to be because they worked hard for it. Dbs placements are always top class, big companies and corporations hire worthy students as employees. Doon Business School delivers outstanding placements, in a year a sum of 100 corporations tour the institute for placement reliefs., it delivers placements with;

  • Deloi
  • Flextronics
  • Kotak
  • Mahindra
  • HDFC
  • ICICI Prudential
  • Indian Bulls
  • Anand Rath
  • American Express
  • Capital First

It is an awesome college to explore and study.

Placements: Marketing companies visited here to place students at the highest number with the highest salary. Finance and human resource companies were not enough to place students. Top recruiting companies are Flipkart, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Byju’s and Upgrade. Around 70% of the students got an internship from our college campus.

Infrastructure: Everything is available here like Wi-Fi, labs, classrooms, library and playground for indoor and outdoor games. The college has natural beauty and surrounded by greenery. It has a good cafe on the campus and has good infrastructure. Food, sports facilities and environment are good.

Faculty: Teachers are awesome and knowledgeable. The best part about our college is its faculty members. They are from industry and experienced with about 10 years to teach students. They have good knowledge of their subjects, and faculty members are involved in extracurricular activities.

Other: Our college is famous for its faculty members, so I have chosen to study in this college. It gives you practical knowledge of management.

There is a 100% record of placement for the marketing students.

Placements: Placement of this college is quite good. In 2019 around 172 companies have come for Placements. There is a 100% record of placement for marketing students but for IB or HR students they somehow failed to provide the job. The internship is given to all by the college.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is up to the mark. The whole campus is enabled by Wi-Fi. There are 2 big grounds for basketball and football. And every year they conduct premiere league. They conduct fest and culture events that really motivates the student to participate.

Faculty: Faculty is very experienced. They all are having awesome corporate experience and they all are very corporate towards the students. The curriculum they teach is very useful for the placements. Most of the faculty is CA or having the 10 years OF experience that matters the most.

Freqently Asked Questions

Q. How is the campus life at Doon Business School, Dehradun?

Ans. When talking about the quality of student life in the college, it is at its best. The infrastructure and facilities in the college is amazing. The environment of college is exactly what a student wants building the capabilities of communication and making friends is easy out here and Doon Public School. The atmosphere of the college is lively and exciting.

Q. What are the things I should carry to Doon Business School, Dehradun’s hostel?

Ans. While going to shift in the hostel of Doon Business School make sure that you are carrying out the essential things that you think you won’t find anywhere else for example your bathroom equipment, your medicines in your day to day life essentials, the college hostel staff will provide you a wardrobe, bed, mattress, storage shelves, and fan.

Q. Is the hostel service at Doon Business School safe for girls or not?

Ans. If you are a girl and going to live away from your home and family for the first time, then it’s obvious, it will for sure be tough and uncomfortable for you in the start, but when talking about the safety services in the Doon Business school hostel it is safe for you. You can for sure trust the crew of the school.

Q. Which is a better option for pursuing a BBA in Dehradun, Doon Business School, or Graphic Era University? How are the placements?

Ans. The comparison between Doon Business School and graphic era University is not that tough when you’re talking about graphic era University, it is specialized for B tech programs and placement not much for BBA and Management studies, but on the other hand Doon School of Business is considered a better option for BBA programs in placements. So if you are planning to pursue your career and management field and selecting BBA at the option of your studies then you should choose Doon Public School. They provide 100% placement to the students and are associated with several companies and corporations like HDFC Bank, Godrej, Berger paints, Axis Bank, and many more.

Q. How good is Doon Business School (Dehradoon) for BBA?

Ans. As it is the start of your career from BBA, Doon Business School is the best option, all the facilities and educational values of the college is pretty decent and it is up to the mark on the sets of what a student desires. Every step of of the education in Doon Business School is is outstanding, you will never feel that your studies are burden.

Q. How is the BBA course at Doon Business School? How are the placements, mess, opportunities, campus and faculty? How tough is it to crack their interview?

Ans. DBS is considered a great option for BBA programs in if you are planning to pursue your career and management field and selecting BBA at the option of your studies then you should choose Doon Public School. They provide 100% placement to the students and are associated with several companies and corporations like HDFC Bank, Godrej, Berger paints, Axis Bank, and many more. they will provide you amazing opportunities to learn connect and grow along. The interview process is pretty easy to crack they will ask you out some simple and easy questions and then you will be qualified for the next round which will be a GDPI round in which you have to explain a topic to some of the faculty members if you pass both of the rounds successfully you will be permitted.

Q. Is it necessary to take college hostels in Doon Business School for first-year students?

Ans. No it is not compulsory to take college hostels for the first year but if you are coming from a far away destination and is not very familiar to the culture then you should stay in the college hostel for at least one year to get familiar the place and college.

Q. How tough is it to get into Doon Business School for a BBA? What are some of the questions asked in the interview?

Ans. It’s not very tough to get into the college with the interview if you have a decent score in your 12th standard. They will just ask you some simple questions.

Q. What is the MBA fees in Doon Business School?

Ans. The fees of MBA course at Doon Business School is approximately 8 lakh.

Q. Is Doon Business School Worth Joining?

Ans. Value-for-money
Yes , the value for money is worth it , the fees structure varies from 6 to 7 lakhs for MBA STUDENT. Yes I personally feel that I am getting my money’s worth.
DOon Business school is good enough for post graduation students. Students pursuing pg from here can ingage themselves in various ways such as libraries, quiz competition, debate, group discussion and extempore. Moreover students interested in sports can engage themselves in Indoor and outdoor games too. Yes the teachers and students are supportive to each other.

Q. Which college is better for a PGDM, Doon Business School or ICFAI, Dehradun?

Ans. When we talk of PGDM, Doon business school is anyday better than ICFAI, the basic fact is that , when we talk of a course like PGDM ,return on investment is the key to look at.
And, at doon business school, the return of investment is very good, the average package is around 4–5 lac .

Q. Should I drop a year or join Doon Business School for an MBA?

Ans. will be truthful that dropping a year is not for everybody. It is not that easy as it seems to be, It compels a ton of commitment and domain. Accordingly, if you are somebody who wants to achieve your aim as soon as possible you should join DBS. You will be relieved nevertheless. The college is pretty decent and has amazing facilities. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Incredible infrastructure of the campus.
  • Reliable committee named CDC for placements.
  • Worldwide and domestic trips.
  • Strict staff and faculty members with an amazing experience.
  • Area of Dehradun is very good.
  • Several co-curricular leagues and entertainments.

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