MDI Gurgaon MBA Fee Structure & Courses 2022

MDI Gurgaon MBA Fee 2022

Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)


The MDIM PGDM program is specifically designed to help nurture scholars and prop them in structure and increase their directorial capacities. The well-structured program allows scholars to

  • Learn about the profitable, social technological, political, and environmental conditions to help produce immorally and environmentally responsible directors by gaining hands-on experience.
  • Effective leaders are suitable to achieve issues that exceed prospects and transfigure businesses
  • The emphasis is on side thinking, so that scholars can develop with new ideas, innovative results, and set the bar for others with eased entrepreneurial capacities.
  • Be a model for values similar as integrity, discipline and fairness, so that they maintain and promote high norms of ethics in the operation of business.
  • Produce a global perspective to insure that the coming directors are suitable to take on the challenges of transnational competitiveness


The alternate semester is when the pupil chooses to take optional courses or other courses in which they can specialize in the two most functional areas. The areas of focus can be a part of one among the ensuing areas

  • Financial Management
  • Mortal Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • The elective options are, still, not guaranteed to be offeredas it’s determined by the number of scholars that show enthusiasm for the mentioned areas of particularization. The details about electives are offered to scholars when they enroll in MDIM. In order to be a specialist in an subject, scholars need to choose at least five optional classes offered in the area, which assigns the weightage of 15 credits, and three credits for each course. Scholars can elect from a variety of 14-17 electives. But, CGPA is determined by the highest- scored 14 electives from the total electives scholars have chosen to take.
  • The Institute has planned to introduce new electives that are in line with the current demands of commercial sector, including Econometrics as well as numerous others are anticipated to be offered during the forthcoming academic session that will hopefully draw commercial houses to retain the stylish gift.


 The evaluation system used for the PGDM was developed to negotiate these pretensions

  • Assess the literacy progress of every pupil.
  • Establish and promote accepted and invariant standard of understanding
  • Promote healthy, formative and healthy competition between scholars

MDIM utilizes a system of nonstop assessment. All through the course scholars must take different tests to assess their capability to grasp generalities, master ways and apply them to issues in real- life situations applicable to commercial. Each stage of the program, with nonstop feedback, scholars will be suitable to assess their performance and also take corrective way to ameliorate their performance. Each course, scholars will admit an individual grade distance. The weighted mean of all courses that a pupil has taken in the program will affect in an quantum known as the Accretive Grade Point Quantum (CGPA). 


Still, Government of India, If the pupil is suitable to successfully complete the conditions for the program the pupil is awarded aPost-Graduate Degree in Management PGDM and has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education.

Fees and Other Expenses for PGDM 2022–24

Particulars1st Year (in Rs.)2nd Year (in Rs.)
Tuition Fees4,43,5004,48,500
Reading Material Fees24,00025,000
Students Welfare Activities10,00010,000
Library Fees10,00010,000
Alumni Fees5,000
Boarding Charges51,00051,000
Lodging Charges54,00054,000
Medical Insurance Premium (2 yrs.)1,5001,500
Security Deposit20,000

Schedule of Payments:

InstallmentAmount (Rs.)Due date (Last date)
Installment – I2,20,000At the time of admission
Installment – II1,99,0006-Oct-2022
Installmnet – III2,00,0006-Jan-2023
Installment – IV2,00,0006-Jul-2023
Installment – V2,00,0006-Oct-2023
Installment – VI2,00,0006-Jan-2024


MDIM is entitled to increase freights as well as other freights at any time of the Academic Year. A proper notice will be handed in the event of any variations. 

The same freights will be charged for Foreign OCI/ PIO/ OCIPIO/ PIOand Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries aspirants. 

MDIM uses the CAT score for short- table/ opting the campaigners for its Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). IIMs aren’t involved with respect to the selection process and in the administration of the program handed by MDIM. 


MDI Murshidabad Admission 2022 Important Dates yet to be bared

The first step to share in MDI 2021 Admission process is to appear in CAT 2020 and also apply to MDI Murshidabad independently. Following are the crucial dates to apply for MDI Murshidabad admission 2021 

MDI Murshidabad Admission Application 2021 Launch date Stats Apply online only 

Last date to apply for MDI Murshidabad Admission 2022 Conditional Phase-II of the operation process with no change in operation figure 

MDI Murshidabad Admission Application FeeRs. 1180-Inclusive of GST 

MDI Murshidabad Admission Short List Advertisement for final selection round 2021 March Grounded on CAT 2021 score 

MDI Murshidabad PGDM 2 Times Full Time Post Graduate Programme

MDI Murshidabad offers a 2- time full time PGDM program. AICTE-approved, the class is designed to develop the scholars’ chops and capacities so that they will be suitable to apply directorial propositions and generalities to real- life situations. being in business and assiduity. During the course, scholars will develop their directorial capacities and cultivate their leadership chops. 

MDI Murshidabad Specializations courses Offered

Scholars may choose electives/ voluntary courses in their alternate time to specialize in over to two functional areas. Operation, Finance, Human Coffers, Marketing, and Supply Chain are all specializations 

MDI Murshidabad Freights

MDI Murshidabad has a moderate figure structure for its PGDM program. The total figure isRs.12.20 lakhs and the education figure isRs.9.24 lakhs for the 2021-23 batch. 

How to Apply for Admission at MDI Murshidabad?

The operation figure for MDI Murshidabad admission isRs. 1180/-, and an operation form needs to be completed and submitted online. Payment should be made online using a credit card, disbenefit card, or net banking account.

MDI Murshidabad Admission 2021 Final Selection Process

The final selection at MDI Murshidabad is grounded on colorful attributes. According to Prof Atmanand, Director MDI Murshidabad, “ MDIM has an overall profile grounded selection process, wherein weightage has been given to CAT score, Academic marks, Work Experience,Extra-Curricular Conditioning, Gender diversity, Academic diversity as similar. Still, preference is still being given to scholars with advanced CAT percentile.” 

On the base of the operation form information and CAT scores, only campaigners with valid scores would be short-listed. 

There will be only a small number of campaigners invited for the Group Discussion followed by the Particular Interview at one of the centers, videlicet Kolkata, Gurgaon, and Bangalore/ Mumbai/ Chennai/ Hyderabad ( centers other than Kolkata and Gurgaon are conditional).

For aspirants who aren’tU.S. citizens or who are British citizens, or who are Indian citizens working in Gulf countries, a GMAT score is needed for consideration for admission ( taken no latterly than Friday, 27th November 2020) if they’re foreign or OCI. The MDI M website can be penetrated at https// for aspirants to apply online. 

When taking the GMAT Examination, campaigners must register for the MDI Program on the GMAT website. MDIM will solicit aspirants who are named on the base of their GMAT scores. To determine eligibility for admission, the Government of India (GOI) will apply its rules. 

Operation status will be determined by the guidelines set up by the Government of India. By credit/ disbenefit card/ Net Banking, campaigners payRs. 1180 ( including 18 GST). 

Successful Campaigners will be offered admissions latterly. 

The shortlisted campaigners will frequently be called at a GD-PI center near their places of hearthstone, per Prof Atmanand. The stylish practice recommended by the government will still be followed due to COVID19.”

MDIM New Enterprise in COVID 19

A major impact has been felt by operation education since the Covid-19 epidemic has disintegrated nearly every sector. MDI Murshidabad, still, has taken crucial enterprise to acclimatize and overcome the challenges by transubstantiating MDIM tutoring to a digital platform in a way that helps meet the MBA educational pretensions. Participating, Prof Atmanand said, “ The enhanced digital technology has enabled Online/ Blended literacy and tutoring to achieve the asked MBA literacy pretensions during this epidemic time.” 

MDIM has launched online MDPs, online instruments, online transnational conferences, online shops, webinars, and so much more. Online digital platforms were used to organize these events. 

Scholars of MDIM have access to a global literacy terrain thanks to a cooperation with SOAS University of London, United Kingdom. 

In September 2020, MDI Murshidabad held its first online conference on the theme of International Conference on Business and Information Technology (ICBIT 2020) and entered papers from academic institutions across the world, including Bangladesh, Nepal, and the United States. All the mainlands were represented at ICBIT 2020 including Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. In the days to come, technology will play a major part in shaping knowledge creation and dispersion. 

Faculty and scholars have been introduced to Moodle LMS for a more immersive online literacy experience. A faculty member can use this platform to conduct colorful types of pupil performance evaluations. Scholars have also served from the action, as faculty- pupil gaps have dropped by incontinently responding to scholars’ questions.

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